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What Causes Sleep Walking



Sleep walking can be caused by many different factors. Finding out what triggers your sleep walking can really help protect yourself and those around you. Sleep walking occurs more often in identical twins, and is ten times more likely to happen if a relative has a history of sleepwalking. Sleep deprivation and stress have also been linked to sleep walking, as have medical conditions such as an abnormal heart rhythm, asthma, psychiatric disorders and fevers. Other medical conditions that have been linked to sleep walking include obstructive sleep apnea, gastro-esophageal reflux, and seizures. In some cases medications that help induce sleep may cause episodes of sleep walking. Another possible contributor to sleep walking is alcohol; individuals who suffer from a sleep disorder that involves sleep walking should avoid drinking alcohol.

Regardless of what is causing your sleep walking, make sure your doctor is aware of your sleep walking and you should be able to manage it and any other symptoms and side effects of your sleep disorder.  

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