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Treating Restless Leg Syndrome



Treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome focuses on treating the painful symptoms of RLS.  Stimulating the legs with hot or cold packs, as well as taking a bath before going to sleep can help the muscles relax and decrease the urge to move your legs.  Exercising during the day and massaging or stretching your legs may also help.

People experiencing Restless Leg Syndrome should be careful about consuming stimulants like caffeine or tobacco that make it more difficult to sleep. Medical treatment may be necessary for Restless Leg Syndrome patients. This could range from drugs that increase dopamine, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills or iron supplements.  As always, follow your doctor’s advice when taking any medication to avoid dependency or overuse. Consult a sleep specialist to learn more about your sleep disorder.

You can learn more about restless leg syndrome here.

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