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Treating Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders


The best way to treat Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders is by establishing and following a healthy, standard sleep schedule.  Delayed and Advanced Sleep Phase Disorders can be greatly reduced by consistently going to bed and waking up at normal hours.  Doing this on a regular basis retrains your internal clock, allowing your clock to adjust to more normal hours of sleeping and waking.  Carefully monitored naptime can also help limit the effects of a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder.  Certain medications and bright light therapy can be very helpful in treating Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders.  Bright light therapy involves controlled exposure to certain light frequencies that work to strategically reset your internal clock.  Therapy and lifestyle adjustments can greatly reduce the harmful effects of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder; if you believe you are suffering from one of these disorders you should contact a sleep specialist or sleep clinic in your area.

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